If you are into the local stance scene, then for sure you will be familiar with the car we featured here. Owned by a friendly owner and a hardcore local scene supporter this car was in almost every event held around KL. Its a bit sad to hear that the owner has decided to let his masterpiece up for sale to fund for his further studies. Therefore we would like to take the opportunity to share his ride before he let it go.

Intro bout yourself ?? (Name/live/etc.)
 Danie Faizal @ Genji from Kuala Lumpur 

What car do you drive? 
2005 Honda Civic Es Rx2 

How long have you owned this car? 
Since September 2013 

 Is there a unique story about behind your car?
 not really, it was a dream car when i was in high school 

Did you consider a different car instead of this one? 
e46 320i, evo 7.5 gta 

What was your original objective with your car and has that objective changed?
bought the car was intended to build for the low and scrape 

What style would you say best describes your car? 
Forms and functions 

Who assisted in the planning/building/modding of your car? 
close friends, homeboys 

What do you feel makes your car unique or special in your eyes? 
theres nothing unique, its my baby, love it more than i love myself 

What is your favorite part/feature/function of the car? 
i guess i love to see her drop and low, you know that feeling when youre cruising low at the highway, everybody is noticing 

Who or what inspired the direction you took with the styling and modifications of your car? 
two years ago, i was surfing the net looking for the car, saw the same model with the same setup, kinda like a dream to me back then to make it mine, so i did it now

If you could pick one thing you aren’t satisfied with about your car, what would it be? 
i wish i could find my way to get over the driveshaft problems 

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve faced while building this car? 
money for sure, i aint rich kid bruh 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project? 
7 and half rating 

If money were no object, what would you do to your car? 
K24a with supercharged kit, 18' wheels, bigger brakes, carbon fibers here and there etc 

Who has been your biggest critic of your project? 
mom and dad lol 

Does anyone else get to drive your car? 
some of my close friends who got balls to roll with it 

What one word best describes your car? 
mi amor 

What is your final goal with this car? 
converting type R engine for sure, but considering to sell it, parents' request 

original es rx2 facelift bodykit 
BBS RS cap taiwan 10jj et15 with hankook ventus v2 
concept2 hardrace camberkits 
zerone hilo soft hard bodyshift adjustable
pearl midori green finish
aftermarket muffler 

k20a3 stock 5 speed auto transmission 

stock with bride stradia bucket driver seat,
momo mod79 steering with spaco quick-release, 
all around rockford fosgate audio systems

Bonus Images

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It has been a while since there are any stance meet-up organized around Klang Valley. So, wait no longer.  There will be a meet-up this mid of Sept co-organized by Street Familia, Daily Swag & Static 365. Gather up your crew member and see you guys there!~ 

Good Morning RWB:KL.. What a good feeling to spend our Sunday at The Garage KL. However, we regret that we missed the progress which started two days earlier. But still, we are not disappointed with what waiting us that day. 

It's been a while since our last article published. But we cannot help ourselves from not sharing this with all of you.

For our new topic #lokalscene we will be featuring locally stanced crew. As the tagline, this will only covers Malaysian based crew. Anyway, for the first entry, we would ike to introduce Slammin Flava. The crew which according to their FB page established on Jan 2013. The unique thing about Slammin Flava is all rides are installed with air suspension system, complete interior and exterior makeover and they show us a mixture of VIP & JDM culture. 

Here's what the said about the crew : (taken from FB page)

'Slammin Flava' Slammin refers to something nice & dope...Flava refers to our personal taste & interest in terms of automobile modification...that's how we are born with this name...thanks...let's be friend & support our local modification scene ya'll

Anyway feel free to like their FB page to show support for our lokalscene. Here's some pictures taken from their FB page. Cheers!~