Featured Rides : Lowfam's Boxy Bunny - The White Wagon

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What car is this? It’s somehow funny that people are more interested on this car compare to a Nissan GT-R parking besides it. According to the owner, he had already been asked the same question by random people for countless of time. People are curious to know what car is this and So, what car is this actually?

The car we featured here is the second generationToyota Bb (QNC 21).The car is quite popular in Japan mostly among youngsters but quite rare here in Malaysia since you wouldn’t find one at the localToyota showroom.The Bb was how Toyota answers to the popular Nissan Cube. It is very famous for its unique features and style that makes you stand out of the crowd. Being unique however will attract 2 kinds of feeling for the car. Its either you love it or hate it. Some people will considered the design is ugly due to its boxyness but for the same reason some may love it. The Bb considered as a mid-size car which is a little bit bigger then the Myvi but a little bit smaller compared to the Alza.

There are some who may questions about difficulty to find the spare parts for this car. Well for star ting, the car is powered by the famous 1.3 K3-VE engine which you may find in the Myvi. Most of the Mechanical part are also borrowed from the Myvi or other Toyota models. It’s just a mix and match thing like choosing candy at the candy store. Maintenance wise it just cost the same as maintaining the Myvi.The owner confirmed it since he also own a Myvi.

On the external part,this car was equipped with standardToyota Side skirts,Rear spoiler and a chrome muffler tip which if you are a Passo Racy fan you may find it is the same tip used.The owner choose a set of low-profile Archilles ATR Sport tyres which stretches around 16” x 8jj Schimdt Wheels. GAB Adjustable Suspen- sion was used to provide the lower stance and on the same time provide stability while cutting through corners.

Internally, the Bb was equipped with 6 nos. OEM Pioneer Speakers which provide quality sound but missing a bass-kick.Therefore the owner add on a Carrozzeria 2 X 12” sub-woofer box set at the cargo space behind. Another addition is the “Driving School” long rear view mirror to add on the JDM touch.

In some of the photos, you may noticed the LOWFAM:BKI windscreen stickers. For information, the owner is one of the coordinator for the Low Fam Society (LF) and Lowfam:BKI (BKI : airport code for Kota Kinabalu). Low Fam has been established back in the 2012 where the aim is to gather and share knowledge among stanced car owners & fans. With the tagline “as long as you low” the Low Fam are opened for any types of car as long as there are well obviously been stated – Low. For more information, feel free to find them on facebook and Instagram / lowfamsociety


2008 Toyota bB QNC 21


• 195/45/16 Archiles ATR Spor t on Schimdt Wheels (8jj, F offset +20, R offset +15)

• OEM Side Skirting


• JDM style “driving school” long rear mirror
• Carrozzeria Woofer Box Set with 2 x 12” Carrozzeria

• OEM Toyota Japan Head Unit with GPS


• GAB Adjustable Suspension Front & Rear


• Decalmeister (stickers & graphics) www.facebook.com/decalmeister

• Dream Sound (Sound system)


• Low Fam Society
Facebook / Instagram : lowfamsociety

• Lowfam : BKI Facebook : lowfambki

[Upcoming Event] ALL STARS MEET - 19 Sept 2015

It has been a while since there are any stance meet-up organized around Klang Valley. So, wait no longer.  There will be a meet-up this mid of Sept co-organized by Street Familia, Daily Swag & Static 365. Gather up your crew member and see you guys there!~ 

New Project Coming Soon - #thecarlogist

Our new project #thecarlogist with colaboration with local artist FP | FreshPhysics will be coming soon. #thecarlogist will be a new brand under carlogy.com which promotes automotive art. Stay tuned for more updates on this project. 

Event Coverage : A Day With The RWB Master Builder

Good Morning RWB:KL.. What a good feeling to spend our Sunday at The Garage KL. However, we regret that we missed the progress which started two days earlier. But still, we are not disappointed with what waiting us that day. 

We reached RWB:KL around 10.30 in the morning. Since we missed the progress we decided to go early in the morning. But, no sign of the master builder yet. So we began with observing the car and the place it self. About 1 hour later, The master builder, Nakai-san arrives with RWB Malaysia owner Christian Coujin and Speedhunters Editor Dino. 

These guys are some-kind of idol to us. Being a frequent reader of Speedhunters and a long time fans of Nakai-san RWB works we definitely happy to meet-up them in person. 

As soon as he arrived at the scene, Nakai-san seat at his specially custom made chair while looking at his art canvas. Probably thinking on what to do next. 

And then, he was spotted having a quick cigarette session after having brunch inside The Garage KL's cafe. (P/S : We saw him having the local Red Winston pack. haha..)

Right after the buffet session for the VIP finished, we checkout the cafe itself and have a glass of iced latte. Also we not forget to have RWB water while wishing we may own one in the future.

Back on the scene, we take a closer view of the car named Miyabi. Mm.. the name sound familiar but where did we heard it before?? Anyways, from what we know Miyabi = sexy (this may not be what does it actually means but more to what we think it is based on previous studies... ehem... ) and as what the name represents, this car is undeniably hot & sexy after those wide fender treatment with those deep dish Work wheels and the blue color.

We still can't believe our eyes that we had the opportunity to see first-hand on how Nakai-san doing his work. We still remembered back 2-3 years ago when we can only admired his work via the internet and also those articles from Speedhunters. 

The next step was to install the front details like the foglamps, signal lamps, vents, tow hook and the Porsche logo.. Too bad we need to leave the scene already due to some unavoidable reason.. Anyway, by the time this article published, we sure that you had already seen the final product or if you haven't you might want to check out Speedhunters post. 

So we left while Nakai-san still busy doing his works. It was a great experience to be there to see his demonstration. Hope we had a better chance to see him in action for RWB:KL no2... Yup.. there are planning to built the No2 already.. stay tuned 

Miniature : Lego Ideas Toyota Land Cruiser 40

It's been a while since our last article published. But we cannot help ourselves from not sharing this with all of you.

It's actually a Lego based Toyota Land Cruiser 40- series. It may looks like it was produced by Lego but no. This kit actually designed by Mathew Inman which he submitted to Lego Ideas ( a website where you can design your own lego's and get them to officially produced them out).

This Land Cruiser 40 series was how toyota react on the popular Jeep during that era. Proven for its durability, it is quite common platform to choose when going off road even in nowadays where there are more modern 4wd available.

Back to the Lego story, this project currently gets 7615 supports on the website and to help this project become reality and available to all of us it needed a minimum of 10000 supports before Lego will consider to move on to the next stage. If approved, this will sit with the current VW bus and Classic Mini series which priced around MYR 300-500 based on the last time we visited Lego shop at Midvalley and Empire Subang.

So, if you are intrested with this model, do your part by showing your support for it by visiting Lego ideas Toyota Landcruiser 40 page.

#lokalscene : Slammin Flava

For our new topic #lokalscene we will be featuring locally stanced crew. As the tagline, this will only covers Malaysian based crew. Anyway, for the first entry, we would ike to introduce Slammin Flava. The crew which according to their FB page established on Jan 2013. The unique thing about Slammin Flava is all rides are installed with air suspension system, complete interior and exterior makeover and they show us a mixture of VIP & JDM culture. 

Here's what the said about the crew : (taken from FB page)

'Slammin Flava' Slammin refers to something nice & dope...Flava refers to our personal taste & interest in terms of automobile modification...that's how we are born with this name...thanks...let's be friend & support our local modification scene ya'll

Anyway feel free to like their FB page to show support for our lokalscene. Here's some pictures taken from their FB page. Cheers!~

Event Coverage : NorthernStance Gala Night

2013 was a good year for the local stance scene in Malaysia with meetup and events specially made for stance cars all around the country almost every month. So this month, the northern crews gathered in the NorthernStance Gala Night event before marching into 2014. Here's some highlights from the event.. (All photos was stolen from An Hua Khairuddin..)