Featured Rides : Danie's 2005 Civic Es RX2

If you are into the local stance scene, then for sure you will be familiar with the car we featured here. Owned by a friendly owner and a hardcore local scene supporter this car was in almost every event held around KL. Its a bit sad to hear that the owner has decided to let his masterpiece up for sale to fund for his further studies. Therefore we would like to take the opportunity to share his ride before he let it go.

[Upcoming Event] ALL STARS MEET - 19 Sept 2015

It has been a while since there are any stance meet-up organized around Klang Valley. So, wait no longer.  There will be a meet-up this mid of Sept co-organized by Street Familia, Daily Swag & Static 365. Gather up your crew member and see you guys there!~ 

Event Coverage : A Day With The RWB Master Builder

Good Morning RWB:KL.. What a good feeling to spend our Sunday at The Garage KL. However, we regret that we missed the progress which started two days earlier. But still, we are not disappointed with what waiting us that day. 

Miniature : Lego Ideas Toyota Land Cruiser 40

It's been a while since our last article published. But we cannot help ourselves from not sharing this with all of you.

#lokalscene : Slammin Flava

For our new topic #lokalscene we will be featuring locally stanced crew. As the tagline, this will only covers Malaysian based crew. Anyway, for the first entry, we would ike to introduce Slammin Flava. The crew which according to their FB page established on Jan 2013. The unique thing about Slammin Flava is all rides are installed with air suspension system, complete interior and exterior makeover and they show us a mixture of VIP & JDM culture. 

Here's what the said about the crew : (taken from FB page)

'Slammin Flava' Slammin refers to something nice & dope...Flava refers to our personal taste & interest in terms of automobile modification...that's how we are born with this name...thanks...let's be friend & support our local modification scene ya'll

Anyway feel free to like their FB page to show support for our lokalscene. Here's some pictures taken from their FB page. Cheers!~

Event Coverage : NorthernStance Gala Night

2013 was a good year for the local stance scene in Malaysia with meetup and events specially made for stance cars all around the country almost every month. So this month, the northern crews gathered in the NorthernStance Gala Night event before marching into 2014. Here's some highlights from the event.. (All photos was stolen from An Hua Khairuddin..)